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I don't know if you'd still like any BlackHill prompts or not but i think i have one, if you think it's okay. I'd write it myself but am not very good at writing(: While reading one of your stories and the idea came to mind of Maria first meeting/finding Natasha in tears because the KGB is looking for her and Maria telling her that she'll be there to protect her from it all. Like i said I don't know if its a good enough prompt for you to use but i felt like you'd come up with something(: THX!!

*Since this takes place earlier, Maria is still working her way up and not Assistant Director yet*  

It was to be expected, but considering the reputation of the Black Widow and the fact that they knew more than anyone exactly what she was capable of, having trained her themselves, you would think they’d reconsider putting a price on her head.  

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Joan wants to punch a hole in the wall. Jamie is working with SHIELD? Is she still a criminal mastermind? Secret double agent? Good person? That doesn't matter right now. She has a whole room of injured superheroes and agents thanks to Jamie and only 1 pair of hands. Good thing some of them are trained in first aid, she'd need them. And they would need to tend to Jamie after she hits her upside the head. But first, bullet wounds.

Now, believe it or not, there had been a plan and it had been a brilliant one.  

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I love your Maria/Natasha writings. Thank you for them. You're awesome!

Thanks so much!  Most of the time they’re just ideas I just happen to remember to type up, which is why you’ll sometimes find words/sentences that don’t make sense.  Otherwise they just clutter up my head and I’m like “wha?  what sandwich did I want?  sorry I was thinking about black hill.  Is that a forest? sure, let’s just pretend it is”  The way my head is right now, expect more due to awesome prompts and feel free to offer some if you want or just bounce off story ideas!

Blackhill ^-^ Hill goes missing on vet day (she has ptsd from her days in the forces and losing her squad) and Natasha needs Sharons and Sams help to find her

Being the Assistant Director of SHIELD meant that in addition to being an excellent tactician, you also had to be able to not only keep up physically in the field, but bring in some moves of your own that no one would see coming.  Maria definitely fit that bill, so in theory, Natasha had no reason to worry.  Things are always easy in theory.  

She found Sharon and Sam and they went searching for Maria.  No one had seen her come in and Natasha hadn’t seen her since breakfast at their place.  

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Little do they know Patrice's been dropping the same hints to Maria, except she really doesn't know Nat well so they're all really bad ideas. Maria freezes when Patrice drops the name of an awesome jeweler. Would Nat be ok with it? Does she even want to get married? It's too soon isn't it?

They’ve both been trying their best in this relationship, but when Patrice mentions the name of a high end jeweler, Maria feels like she was just hit in the gut with Thor’s hammer.  

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So is AoS S2 going to be the one where we all think Skye is still awesome except for that “issue”?

I’m referring to the same “issue” Emily Prentiss had in S4 of Criminal Minds.



All during HIMYM I kinda couldn’t stand Ted

Blackhill Prompt because feels - Maria is seriously ill and hides it expertly from everyone until Pepper finds her collapsed in her car after hitting the security booth. Cue worried russian and angst and fuff and all the feels

Maria didn’t have time for this.  

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Working on prompts but this little tidbit entered my head

Tony was messing around with Bruce in the lab and they accidentally created something that turned Bruce into the BIG guy and unable to turn back for two to three hours.  They managed to get the Hulk settled in a training room, but the Hulk wasn’t like Bruce.  

He didn’t enjoy reading.  

Sharon Carter grew tired of the Hulk’s banging after fifteen minutes and left to see someone about a favor.  She returned from FitzSimmons lab five minutes later with Natasha, carrying a large Chinese finger trap.  Together, she and Natasha inserted both of the Hulk’s index fingers inside and peace was restored.  No matter what the Hulk did, he couldn’t break free.  

When Bruce finally changed back, the finger trap changed with him and seemed to have….um…shrunk.  Bruce spent the next three hours sitting in FitzSimmons with pants on but no shirt while he waited for Leo to figure out how to reverse the process.  

"The gun had only been a prototype, you see."  

Rewatching Person of Interest S3…

And Samaritan is HYDRA by another name.  That’s all.  I’m convinced and you can’t tell me otherwise